Free Zoo Manager

With this app you have the opportunity to create your own zoo. Place compounds, for example for elephants, penguins, bears, lions,
Zebras, giraffes, camels and many more animals, to your taste. Decorations such as trees, benches, fountains and playgrounds can
also be placed individually. Build your zoo just as you like it. Soon, visitors will join your zoo and their entry fees open up further possibilities.

This zoo app was originally developed for children over 5 years. To build your own zoo, to relaxing background music with birdsong, is however also for older children, teens and naturally also for adults the ideal relaxation and pastime for small waiting periods to bridge, or to distract from gloomy thoughts. It is fun to make the zoo bigger and more beautiful and to watch the animals and visitors.

The tutorial character Lanusi guides you through the first steps of the game, so that you can find your way around.

So-called "Specials" also make your zoo something special. Beverage Stands, Snack Take-Aways, Ice Cream Stands, Pizza Restaurant, Entertainer / Clown and giant playground enhance your zoo and let you earn extra gold. The "specials" can not be bought with gold, but with "Amber". This brings a strategic element into play. Use your Amber cleverly and buy, for example, additional building area for your Zoo, or rather a pizzeria? There are several ways to get Amber. On one hand, it can be bought via in-game purchase, on the other hand your receive Amber also for level ascents and for tasks provided by the tutorial character Lanusi. So you can build your zoo for free, purchases are by no means mandatory.

Discover this beautiful construction game and become a Zoo Manager. Your children will love it too, our children keep asking for it.